AURE Lines + Spaces began in 2012 as a creative exploration of textile designer and photographer Susan Turner. Through her collections, she aims to capture the beauty and essence of the desert that surrounds the AURE studio in Peoria, Arizona. The AURE mission is to provide lifestyle products customers can be passionate about, feel emotionally connected to and are inspired by. AURE products are practical, beautiful, eco-friendly goods that are meant for everyday use!



I was born in Jerusalem, Israel and moved to the USA about 10 years ago. In Israel, I worked as a clinical pharmacist in a hospital, and continued as a marketing manager for pharmaceutical companies. When I moved to Arizona (my husband is a native ArizonAN), I decided to turn my hobby to a full time job. Since I love to cook, I decided to make my own dinnerware, and soon after, people asked to purchase them. As with most women, I love jewelry and decided to make my own. Now I make both ceramics and jewelry and seLL them at Arts festivals and local stores.



Alexandra Bowers is a Phoenix based artist who received her BFA in 2012 from Arizona State University. Inspired by the natural surrounding environment, Bowers utilizes data collected while exploring to produce wood burned studies of plants and animals she finds along the way. Interested in learning more about Alexandra’s utilitarian items for the home, follow her on Instagram at iron_root, for more information about her fine art pieces, head on over to

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We take bottles from local bars and restaurants and turn them into various items. Soy candles, plant holders, vases and even glasses. Mike hand cuts, and sands each one and then we fill them with soy wax, succulents or flowers!



KSDesigns LLC is the culmination of a lifelong love of textiles and design. With a degree in textiles from Arizona State University and years of experience in the apparel industry, Keira Schultz returned to school for a degree in interior design from Northern Arizona University. Her collection of micro batch handmade homewares is the product of her passion for hand-dyed textiles and interior design.



Olivia's Smile Decor was born in 2014 with the birth of our first granddaughter, Olivia, and a tugging on my heart that God was using my experience in the decade prior to prepare me for such a time as this.  I spent most of my career working for two very large retailers managing seasonal programs and assisting vendors in developing production and shipping efficiencies. Naturally, I am passionate about running the most efficient processes in my own business and using high quality fabrics with fun designs and interesting colors to make gorgeous pillow covers. All fabric is purchased from retailers and wholesalers in the United States, and all production is done from my clean, smoke-free studio in Phoenix, AZ on heavy duty industrial sewing machines. I love to add detail like invisible zippers, contrasting or complementing trim, and professionally finished edges. I also love to showcase with color, and pick colors and designs that are on trend and make a room bright with character, reflecting my clients' personalities.


R3 SK8 Products

Laura Page’s kids love to skateboard. And Laura loves to support them in their boarding accomplishments. But what happens when a skateboard breaks? Well, that’s where Laura’s craftiness comes in to save the day.

Armed with some really cool power tools and an eye for design, Laura started recycling those broken bits & pieces into “totally rad” accessories. After meeting the approval of her kids (and all their friends!), a family business–R3 SK8 Products–was born.



Stones and Buttons LLC is a small business with big britches.  We specialize in woodworking and furniture rehab in the Grand Canyon State of Arizona.  We are a veteran and spouse owned business, husband and wife team, who enjoy creating happiness through functional decor.  We are inspired by the beauty of the great outdoors.  We focus on natural materials with a soft touch.  We work with a wide range of raw, old, and sometimes forgotten resources: stones and buttons (obviously), exotic/domestic woods, metals, epoxies, oils, paints, and textiles.



STEPHANIE VERA IS a Puertorriqueños Girl who moved TO ARIZONA ALMOST THREE years ago. THE Vera Collection PROVIDES 100% Soy Wax CANDLES USING natural and Biodegradable MATERIALS THAT release the smell oF fragrances faster and last longer than STANDARD paraffin Wax CANDLES. 



My name is Kristin Boyd and I am a candle maker and the proud owner of Vim + Vigor Candle Co. I started making candles in 2015 as a weekend project to salvage a cabinet full of half burned candles. That fun weekend project turned into a goal to figure out how to make a better quality candle that burned evenly from the start. A year of research and over 100 test trials later…Eureka! I had successfully made a candle that burned cleanly and evenly down to the last drop of wax while filling my whole house with its aroma. I have been making that same quality candle ever since. My passion for repurposing old materials is what sparked this labor of love and I chose copper as my candle vessel so that it might inspire others to repurpose the candle after it burns.