PLEASE JOIN US FOR this SPECIAL Marketplace celebratiNG the grand opening of Local Trade HQ, PHOENIX'S FIRST STORE DEDICATED TO LOCAL MAKERS. ThIS 2 day marketplace will FEATURE dozens of local makers, artists, food trucks, musicians, AND as ALWAYS, a community charity drive. 

donate diapers | win free stuff

In celebration of this infancy stage of Local Trade HQ, we'll be holding a Diaper Drive to benefit Diaper Bank of Central Arizona! Please join us in helping those in need by bringing a pack of diapers and you'll get an awesome raffle prize!

Why diapers? 
-There are 42,000 children ages 0-3 (diapering ages) who live in poverty here in our own back yard
-Federal programs like Food Stamps and WIC do not cover diapers
-Childcare providers require parents to have a supply of disposable diapers - no diapers, no daycare, which means no employment for parents
-Some who wish to use cloth diapers do not have laundry faculties that allow for the washing of diapers
-32% of low income families report re-using diapers in order to pay critical household expenses such as rent, utilities, and food. This can lead to severe diaper rash and staph infections


We are more than just home staging...

We are a collection of makers, builders, artists,, dreamers, and most importantly, we are your neighbors. We have united to bring uniquely evolving showrooms and marketplace experiences right to your neighborhood. Our goal is twofold: to showcase homes at their absolute best, while simultaneously presenting the finest craftsmen and artists that your community has to offer. When we stage a home we are essentially transforming it into a unique event that serves as a showroom, gallery, market, and much more for the amazingly talented people of your community. When you allow us to stage your home, you are not only getting a superior staging experience that attracts excited crowds to your home, but you are also cultivating a community that strives towards self-sustainment by loving and supporting one another. Our staging is custom for every one of our clients, making each event truly one of a kind. We thank you for your support and hope you will join us in our effort to Keep It Local.