Chase Warren is an American furniture maker with a practice on the east side of Phoenix, Arizona. His products and designs are carried by some of the biggest furniture companies in North America. His focus is on the fusion between slick modern design and traditional, centuries-old technique. His pieces are made from select portions of domestic hardwoods accented by handmade details in metal, leather, and paint. He has been detained, interrogated and even wrongfully imprisoned by police on multiple occasions under a myriad of circumstances but has never ratted anyone out.



Brian Cano started Ironwood Metal Works along with his wife, Maria Parra Cano, in 2015 with an aspiration of creating fine furniture and works of metal for clients who demand creative designs and long-lasting quality. Brian is passionate about pushing personal boundaries and challenging himself to create one of a kind pieces of art that speak to the imagination. Having long been a fan of architecture and interior design, Brian loves creating modern industrial pieces that juxtapose organic and industrial elements. After twelve years of building off-road vehicles and hot rods, Brian now often collaborates with local and out of state designers and architects on products ranging from heirloom furniture to signage and Corten steel landscape elements. The future is bright for Ironwood Metal Works as growth and new opportunities continue to present themselves.

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LumberLust Designs creates one-of-a-kind furniture and decor using reclaimed urban hardwoods. Our mission is to create bold statement, heirloom quality furniture that celebrates what nature has to offer by re-using valuable natural resources and turning them into rustic modern practical art.  As cities expand and concrete goes vertical and population rises, trees tend to disappear to make room. We work together with local saw mills to try and rescue these trees and carefully process them into beautiful slabs that we turn into furniture. The combination of rustic wood slabs supported by clean mod metal elements can re-introduce a sense of uninterrupted nature into a space. They also offer a 15% discount when you mention Local Trade!



Michael started Michael Madley Design along with his wife, Constance, after they were unable to find a live edge table that fit their needs. Michael shares his passion for hand-made live edge tables with you in his signature and custom collections. Michael’s work emphasize minimalist sophistication and allow nature’s true beauty to shine through in every piece he makes.  Michael Madley Design stands apart in their heirloom-quality pieces, attention to detail, and showcasing of organic elements. Using eco-friendly reclaimed lumber, Michael is honored to bring a second life to each piece of wood used in his designs.




Pacific is a Phoenix based, family owned business founded in 1958.  Our focus is to provide great furniture and value to our customers in Arizona.  For almost 60 years, Pacific has been blessed to work with some the best craftsmen and women in the business who have stayed by our side for years and decades.  We consider them our greatest asset and part of our family.  Nothing gives us more joy than to see our furniture in the homes of happy customers.  From raw material to final delivery, we build each piece from scratch and by hand so that we can give our customers the very best.