Colorado native Maggie Mays has been an artist and jewelry-maker since childhood. In 2014, she launched All the Tiny Pieces, an independent brand of handmade, “meaningful yet minimal”, one-of-a-kind jewelry. The brand highlights that we are all tiny pieces, connected and part of one, great big magnificent universe. We are precious and unique, just like gemstones. And with nature’s own variations, no two pieces will ever be exactly alike—even those fashioned in the same style. You’ll find healing chakra gems, uplifting crystals, and pendants or charms invoking strength, guidance and protection.



Art Gecko is a working studio in Phoenix, AZ featuring the work of artist Lisa Nordstrom. Most of Lisa's work is in the collage/assemblage genre--what she's come to call "gatherings”. She’s also known for her wearable assemblages in the form of jewelry created with vintage, recycled, found (and sought after) objects. She exhibits at art fairs, is represented at numerous art centers and boutiques and, until her recent move to Arizona, owned Art Gecko Gallery in the Oak Park Arts District in Oak Park, Illinois.


Barbed Wire Jewelry

I love making jewelry! It is such a joy to twist, turn and hammer metal wire in to pretty things to wear and to share - add beautiful gemstones and beads and it becomes even more fun! I found jewelry making accidentally by losing a favorite earring that I loved and deciding to try to recreate. After just one afternoon of playing I knew I was hooked. Barbed Wire Jewelry is generally minimalist in style, the pieces may look simple but each piece is unique and made lovingly by my two hands. I pride myself in the attention to all the little details of  shaping, hammering and wire work. I look forward to sharing my love with you! 


BD DEsigns

Barbara Reckseit, a native New Yorker, now living in the Southwest, is the designer & owner of BD Designs which she debuted in 2005.

The success of her line can be attributed to her passion for jewelry designing, her creative flair and eclectic artistry.  The impetus for launching her company came when her youngest son was diagnosed with High Functioning Autism at a very young age.

She knew designing was an outlet for her to share her creative vision and prove to herself that while her son works hard  to face his daily challenges, she too can gain a tremendous sense of self worth and fulfillment from dedicating her energy to this labor of love.

BD Designs are handcrafted pieces that are made from natural elements, semi precious stones long with an assortment of fine materials. Experiencing  BD Designs creates a feeling of comfort and freedom. Bohemian style, fun and casual, to sophisticated and chic is what brings BD Designs style to life.

Barbara is always exploring the latest trends and keeping her customers wowed with her innovative designs. Each style is created meticulously and with lots of love.  Barbara's devotion to her art thrives on her constant discovery of new design ideas, and the process of seeing them come to life.


Buhlaixe Ornament + Object

Buhlaixe is a multidisciplinary design studio and brand based in Phoenix, AZ. Ornament + Object began as a passion project to create elegant accessories inspired by the intersection between classic architectural forms and the ethereal desert landscape. Our mission is to create timeless garments and home decor while maintaining a sustainable and responsible manufacturing process. All items in the collection are designed in Phoenix and we only partner with USA based manufacturers.

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An artist, philanthropist and devoted mom, Cassandra Holmes has been creating wearable art for more than 30 years. Her entrepreneurial spirit led her to develop Cassandra Teagan; the brand, named after her daughter, consists of hand-crafted pieces designed to be unique works of art. 

Driven by touch, feel, texture, shapes, lines and color, Cassandra’s designs are inspired by the world around her. Whether it’s a sunset or a storm or a sandy shore that serves as the spark for a new creation, each piece is like a puzzle waiting to come together in just the right way. Using the highest quality natural stones, wood, glass and metal beads, Cassandra Teagan designs range from every-day to intricate, but always unique. 

Cassandra’s passion for making a difference in the world around her is the heart and soul of the brand. Giving back to youth and seniors is the driving force behind her work with Tower Gardens. Cassandra’s heart for community is contagious, and her zest for life comes through in every piece she lovingly designs.



Cleo + Fig is the giveback love project created by cc Studios design house owner and her generous team of talent throughout the US. These women and their men believe that to balance the flow of good fortune is a good thing, and whenever possible, share our collective prosperity with members of our community that are not having such a great go of it. To lift up is selfish really, Lisa and her friends know they're personally getting so much out of giving what they can, and this shop is our way of doing just that. 

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In our opinion, Arizona is the most beautiful state in the union, and deserves a local company showing it's unique culture and landscape on modern, high quality apparel (not the old crummy stuff in gift shops). So we collaborate with Arizona artists to create beautiful illustrations of Arizona landmarks on shirts, hats, stickers, and more.



I am a Wife, Mom and Grammie. I started making headbands in 2009 after the birth of my Granddaughter Emma Dawn. I have always been crafty and really enjoy sewing.  I’ve since added little blankets, baby bags, bows, tutus, skirts, t-shirts, shorts and team items. I post on Facebook and can be found at shows in the local area. 



We are Felix Street Leather. Our purpose is to make extraordinary, fine leather goods that bring JOY to all who come in contact with them! We work hard, laugh, and do our best to make sure that we treat all we come in contact with respect. We love that we are able to create beautiful, timeless items that will last a lifetime. Without our core faith, freedom, family, and our amazing customers we couldn’t do what we love. We are proud to be an American company that provides jobs creating handcrafted leather goods. We are grateful for everyone that has helped us on this journey.



Goodness Unlimited is a family owned and operated apparel brand, with the goal to promote positivity, love and kindness in the world! We are so much more then a T-shirt brand we are a movement! Our mission is to promote goodness in the world! Goodness in actions, words and thoughts can transform ourselves and our world for the better. With goodness the possibilities of greatness are unlimited! 



Welcome to Our Tribe!  Our mission is to uplift and empower young women and girls to follow their biggest, boldest dreams and let their inner rebels shine. Be Bold. Be Brave. Be You.



Home Comforts and Moore is a family owned business. We make a variety of items such as dog collars and leashes, decorative pillows, baby quilts, key chains, pot holders, micro bowls and micro bags. Our products are either  hand made or sewn on Bernina sewing and Baby Lock serger machines.



My wire weaving journey began 4 years ago when my cousin introduced me to the art of wire wrapping. Once I got my hands on that wire I felt this rush of limitless potential. 

I began researching metals and so many weaving patterns, teaching myself different techniques. Figuring out how to accentuate and compliment a gemstone while making a functional, yet artistic piece of jewelry is a true challenge. I love a good challenge!

Within the last year I have added the art of lapidary which has given me a deeper appreciation for my pieces and given me the freedom to fully express my artistic possibilities.

Ischa’s Treasure Chest has not only given me an outlet for my OCD, but it has also provided a great opportunity to play with rocks!



I create handmade purses and accessories from animal friendly materials here in Phoenix Arizona. I make every piece unique, whether it's the outside, lining, or pocket there's something special about each one! I love to do custom orders, bridal parties, pet silhouettes, special colors, whatever your mind dreams up. When you find me at an event you can shop my full inventory of staple pieces and one of a kind limited designs!



In 2009 I was inspired by a pendant that I saw at the runner's expo for my first half marathon. It said "i run like a girl" and I wanted it. I began researching the art of handstamped jewelry and made myself a pendant as a reward for completing the 13.1 mile run. Soon after, I began making personalized jewelry for friends + family and malisay designs was born.  I have a degree in interior design and love creating. malisay designs has given me a chance to foster my creativity while working from my home studio and raising our kiddos. 

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We make custom, one-of-a-kind, original American art from things we find in the world around us. We like to spend time in nature where we seek answers for nourishment, medicine, laws, education, fun, inspiration, guidance, power, and protection. We collect rocks, shells, bones and other treasures and bring them to people in the form of jewelry/wearable art pieces. We use hand tanned deerskin as the thread holding these pieces together. Our art serves as totems to help people reconnect with their own nature and the natural world. They are reminders we are not separate from anyone or anything. Every stone has a soul and these pieces have intended people to find, those they are meant to serve, and vice-versa. By bringing these objects of beauty, power, healing and guidance to people, we hope to encourage more kinship toward each other and the whole of creation.



Natural Minx was born in 2016 when Kiza Moore left the worlds of theatre and fashion and combined a love of rocks, crystals, and nature at large with her need to create, falling head first into jewelry design. A year later, she added metal and fire, to offer a selection of jewelry pieces that range from classic every day wear to just-off-of-traditional one of a kind pieces. She puts great care into choosing the crystals, gemstones, and metals used in her work and is pleased to offer pieces that are not only fashionable, but also embody the attributes of the crystals and stones that go into their making.

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Created in 2016, Pink Camel Boutique is dedicated to bringing you the latest fashion and jewels from the Southwest. Shop owner DeeDee, graduated from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles, California with a degree in Visual Communications. She has worked in the world of fashion including Retail, Fashion Show Coordination, Wardrobe Stylist, Visual Merchandising, Jewelry Brand Rep and now Shop owner for over 15 years. She is an Arizona native with a passion for sharing all of the beauty the Southwest has to offer. She learned to make jewelry at a young age from her mother and is happy to carry this on with her own daughter.

The shop features jewelry by Native American artisans who produce elegant jewelry from sterling silver and natural semi-precious stones cut in-house from raw materials. Many of our Southwestern jewelry creations reflect the beauty of our inspiring area landscapes and the bountiful, deeply rooted cultural heritage of the Native Americans. Each piece is uniquely and individually inlaid with the highest standards of craftsmanship in proud traditional artistic fashion. This beauty captures the attention of elite jewelry connoisseurs everywhere. 



Prickly Pair Village was founded in 2018 by the dynamic duo, partners, husband and wife, Jessica and Peter Martinez. Our brand and entire life, was and will always be inspired by our own little Prickly Pair, Dennen and Jesse; another source of our inspiration is none other than our entire surrounding Village. We truly look forward to providing you with quality products, while embodying our family values and paying homage to our precious Village.



Redheart Woodwork was founded in 2017 in Phoenix, Arizona. I grew up watching my grandfather doing woodworking and as I got older, he taught me some of his skills and gave me his old tools. I began making jewelry as a way to relax and center myself after work and this quickly shifted to wooden jewelry. As pieces began accumulating throughout my house, I began selling items at local stores and markets. I  like to keep my pieces bold and simple and let the wood, stones and metal speak for themselves.



We create one of a kind clothing and pillows designed with indigo batik and mud cloth fabrics 
from Africa. A portion of the proceeds of each blue item sild is donated to Autism Speaks.



As a single mom with two little boys I wanted to create an eco-friendly, sustainable brand. I have a great love for Bamboo and it’s amazing qualities so when I found away to take my hand drawn art work and make them into sock designs using bamboo, Rokn Yugen Soul was born!  My bamboo socks fuse style and comfort with the incredible benefits of bamboo. “You’ll absolutely love the beauty of bamboo at your feet”



Rubymint General started in Phoenix in 2016, when two friends came together and had a vision to share their love for handmade, unique, and beautiful things with their neighborhood, community, and the world!  As a locally owned and operated business, we support over 110 local artists, as well as artists from across the country and globe.  If it isn't handmade, it is personally curated because we love it!  Our mission is to add a little beauty to your day through a fun and ever changing shopping experience.  

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Sabina Kennedy officially started in 2017 and is a one woman show operating in the heart of downtown Phoenix. The mission at Sabina Kennedy is to create hand made, one of a kind pieces of jewelry and art that are meant to empower the wearer. Bold pieces that are made with only love and good energy, help to remind the wearer that they only have this one life, and it’s important to live it with authenticity and to the best of our ability. We are the rulers of our own lives and it’s important to treat ourselves like we deserve to be treated. Love and respect for ourselves and others is at the core of what we do and all we want is to pass that along to our clients.


Sarah Madeline Jewelry

As a child, I enjoyed make jewelry from string, beads, and whatever I could get in my craft kit. In highschool, I moved onto ball chain, soda tabs and nail polish jewelry (90's!). In my early 20's I picked up the plier set my dad had given me and started collecting jewelry supplies. The pieces I made starting piling up and I decided to sell them to my waitress friends. This grew into selling in local shops, setting up at markets and more! I am self taught, always learning and growing, I like to experiement with different styles. My style is always changing as a result, but will have the Sarah Madeline signature look of simple and sweet. Thanks for stopping by.



Hello, my name is Xiomara, and I'm from Costa Rica. Six years ago I moved with my family to Arizona.

I have always loved how accessories make a difference in women's outfits and how they turn something simple into something extraordinary.

I discovered the polimeric clay, and started to investigate about it. The more I used it, the more I fell in love with it. For this reason I made some necklaces and earrings for my own.

Then the idea of turning it into a business was born, and I integrated other elements such as wood, leather and fabric. I loved the results of putting them together. 

Behind Simply Xio we are two now. Hady my friend joined me in this adventure. Simply Xio is more than a job for us, it is our passion for learning every day more and putting our effort for making the best out of every piece. We are really excited to offer jewelry for unique, modern and empowered women.



My name is Stella and I am a second generation jewelry designer. I am a native Colombian and want to share my passion for Pre-Columbian style and precious gemstones, translated into my collection of hand-crafted, original pieces. Enjoy!



As a makeup artist in the Valley, I am inspired by the women I have done makeup for. This led me to create a gifting line which reminds all of us that we are uniquely US.  We are individuals but all possess qualities that make us a Strong Beautiful Woman.  The Strong Beautiful Woman gifting line offers t-shirts, candles, tote bags and notebooks.  

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For a few years, the business operated quietly out of her guest house. Her clientele grew slowly, by word of mouth and by doing local markets. Then, in 2018, a surprise buyer purchased her house, leaving her scrambling to find a new place to work. Fortunately, a small retail business in Old Town Scottsdale had a room that was just perfect for SUBTLE CHIC! Now located in Savale Flowers and Antiques, Jennifer’s business is happily growing and allowing her to consider offering more refugee women a chance to work. We make elegant, easy-to-wear jewelry that we offer at reasonable prices.



Welcome to Sugar Fairy Jewelry. My name is Amanda and I’m a 3rd grade teacher and a mama to a sweet girl and a Golden Retriever. 

When I grew up my mom made handcrafted jewelry. I would go along with my mom to our local bead stores and I would just admire the unique pieces she created. When I became a mama I asked my mom to teach me the basics and I quickly started designing and creating. The love I received from my family and friends with my first few pieces was heartwarming. I feel like it’s a dream come true to have this small business. 

I hope that each piece makes you feel pretty and sparkly. Thank you for supporting my family and my love for jewelry.



Hand stamped gifts, jewelry and home goods. We love making snarky and sweet products.

Our products include: coffee and cocktail stirrers, cuff bracelets, wine charms, dog tags, bottle openers, plant and succulent stakes, ornaments and lots of fun keychains. 


Valley Rose Boutique

Valley Rose is a local Pop-Up Boutique. We specialize in dainty, boho, chic jewelry & accessories. Valley Rose Boutique offers beautiful gems that’ll make your day! Shop our Spring/Summer Collections at Mama’s Makers Market. 



Verse Handmade is based in Phoenix, Arizona and is largely inspired by the fusion of Latin and American cultures. Every handcrafted piece explores sentiments such as personal identity, love, friendship and family. The ultimate mission is about more than just jewelry, it’s about bringing you closer to who you are and what you love.


Very Maude

This journey began in my closet! When I was out and about wearing certain items, I was constantly asked “Where did you get that?” That was the beginning of "Very Maude”. My vision was to make these items, but to make them better; better fabrics, better designs, quality that would last, and timeless designs that you can wear forever. Very Maude is one-of-a-kind cover-ups, kimonos, shrugs, ponchos, and more. All products are proudly made in Phoenix, Arizona.



Your Daily Art Jewelry is born out of my art history blog and my hand made jewelry business. I do bead and silver smithing jewelry and crate unique pieces that let you wear your art and enjoy it all day. Your Daily Art Jewelry - art you can wear.